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We started this not only to research the quilt, but also the story behind a group of friends, family or community around the quilt. Upon looking into the early 1900’s brings to life the history of WHEN the quilt originated. It is our hope that we can find out more about the women who started the quilt, the varying dates (1903-1908) signatures, names, and locations as well as the occasion behind the quilt. We know that life gets busy and hope that this leads us all to better document our work, as well as FINISH what we start

~ thank you to Shirley for finding the squares ~ finishing THE QUILT & sharing it with us!

Bertha Kamm

Bertha Kamm
Rich Hill, MO
(block 4d)


(block 4c)

Emma Krattly

Emma Krattly
(block 4b)


(block 4a)

Flora Krattly

Flora Krattly
Aug. 20, 1903
Carthage, MO
(block 3d)

Lena Nafus ?

? Lena Nafus ?
(block 3c)

Maggie Hegnauer

Maggie Hegnauer
(block 3b)

HEGENAUER, Bates Co. Rockville MO
Hegnauer, Martin     b.20 February 1848, Switzerland
d.27 March 1927,  Spouse: Mary [?].
Census: 1900, 1920 Bates Co., Mo.
Parents: Lucius & Margaret (Varnet/Bernet) Hegnauer.

>>  daughter: Margaret Bertha  
 b.15 January 1877   d.27 May 1925
Census: 1900, 1920 Bates Co., Mo.
Parents: Martin & Mary Hegnauer
>> Brother to Margaret Bertha : Hegnauer, Martin Jr.
b. 28 January 1884    d. 9 June 1950

Hegnauer ~ family name:
{Brother ? Leonard Biography below, Parents Lucius & Margaret Hegnauer/Bernet} 
Pleasant Gap Township - Leonard Hegnauer, farmer and stock dealer, section 36, was born in Switzerland, April 25, 1843. His parents, Lucius and Margaret Hegnauer nee Bernet, were also natives of Switzerland. In 1856, the family immigrated to the United States and settled in Madison County, Illinois. L. Hegnauer spent his youth on a farm, receiving good common school advantages. He was married in Madison County, July 4, 1866, to Miss Susan K. Hirschi, also originally from Switzerland, who was born May 15, 1846, and a daughter of Christian Hirschi. After his marriage Mr. H. lived in Illinois three years, and in 1869, he came to Missouri and located in Bates County, on his present farm. He owns 240 acres in cultivation, upon which is a fine, large residence, just completed, and other buildings, together with a young bearing orchard. He makes a specialty of feeding and dealing stock. In 1861, he enlisted first in the three months; service, and in October re-enlisted in Company E, Fourth Missouri Volunteer Infantry, and served some eighteen months in the Union army, and was discharged in February, 1863, when he returned to Illinois. Mr. Hegnauer has a family of five children: Mary C., Christian, Leonard, Susan K. and Margaret M. He and his wife are members of the German Reformed Church, and he belongs to the United Workmen. (History of Bates County, Missouri, 1883)

Mary Krattly

Mary Krattly
Sept. 9, 1903
Carthage, MO
(block 3a)

Lula Springer

Lula Springer
May 11, 1904
Rich Hill, Mo ~ Bates Co
(block 2d)
? suspected: 1880 Census:  DOB 1875, Daughter of T.W. and Ruth G. Springer, Clear Creek MO.
? or 1910 Census (age: 25) Barton, MO : DOB 1885, MO// Spouse of Claud Springer (age: 27)

Lizzie Michels

Lizzie Michels
Girard, Ks
(block 2c)

Rosa Krattly

Rosa Krattly
Aug. 30, 1903
Carthage, Mo ~ Jasper County
(block 2b)

Barbara Kamm

Barbara Kamm ~
Nov. 20, 1903
Rich Hill, Mo ~ Bates County
(block 2.a)

Barbra Kamm
  • Kamm/Hegnauer - Barbara Married to Robert, of Bates Co
  • Barbara: Parents - Lucius & Margaret (Varnet/ Bernet) Hegnauer.
  • DOB 6/1/1859 to 1/6/1923, 
  • Robert Sr. DOB: 2 February 1857 [Highland, Illinois]
      •  .[father: John Peter Kamm]
    • Son, Robert,  DOB: 24 March 1898 -
    • Daughter, Margaret, DOB: 1 December 1883 - 12 September 1950
    • Grill, Christine Louise
      • Census: 1900, 1920 Bates Co., MO. 
        • ~ Parents: Robert & Barbara (Hegnauer) Kamm.
      • Spouse: John Grill.

alt search, less likely: 
? Barbara MENZIE b. 1851 married Fridolin KAMM 1872 ~ of Switzerland
Not sure if any relation ~ Migrated to Indiana USA

~ Any confirmation or NOT would be greatly appreciated. 
~ thanks

Aunt Mary

Aunt Mary
(block 1.d)

Ves Krattly

Ves Krattly ~ Cousin
Aug. 1903
(block 1.c)

S. A. H.

 S. A. H.
SEPT. 25, 1903
(block 1.b)

Lizzie Blase

Lizzie Blase ~
Aug. 30, 1903
Carthage, Mo ~ Jasper, Co.
(Block 1.a)
    • Birth: 
  • Jan. 21, 1873
    • Death: 
  • Aug. 21, 1952
  • James Blase (b. Mar. 14, 1871 d. Aug. 8, 1959)  
  • infant son *date unknown* 
  • infant son: (b. June 13, 1915 - d. June 13, 1915) Summerset Cemetery