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We started this not only to research the quilt, but also the story behind a group of friends, family or community around the quilt. Upon looking into the early 1900’s brings to life the history of WHEN the quilt originated. It is our hope that we can find out more about the women who started the quilt, the varying dates (1903-1908) signatures, names, and locations as well as the occasion behind the quilt. We know that life gets busy and hope that this leads us all to better document our work, as well as FINISH what we start

~ thank you to Shirley for finding the squares ~ finishing THE QUILT & sharing it with us!

THE Quilt

Block Dimension:  10 x 10
Date:  Blocks made from 1903 - 1908.  Quilt completed in 1995.
Acquisition Source:  An antique shop in Greenwood Mo., in the summer of 1994.
Signatures:  Yes.  Dated 1903 - 1908.  Most blocks include town and state (Jasper and Bates County) Carthage and Rich Hill, MO.
Signing Method:  Hand embroidered in black, red, gold, pink, green, and brown.

Sashing:  2 1/2" wide sashing around each block.  Grey/red tiny print fabric.
Corner Blocks:  Red cornerstones.
~ Cream inner border, red middle border, grey/red tiny print outer border. 
Quilt Method:  Blocks were all hand pieced and hand embroidered.  Blocks were machine pieced together to form the top.  Quilt was hand quilted by me (Shirley).

Fabric:  Cotton
Number of Blocks:  24
Dimension:  71 x 97
Color Scheme:  Red/cream/grey.  Blocks are red, black, green, blue.
Block Patterns: Known as: Album patch, album pattern, odd fellow's quilt, courthouse square, arbor window, and the cross patch. Information from  the book "One Piece at a Time", published by KC Star.  The pattern was published in the newspaper on Sept. 29, 1928. 
~ Also known as: Chimney Sweep Quilt Block  Washington sidewalk 

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