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We started this not only to research the quilt, but also the story behind a group of friends, family or community around the quilt. Upon looking into the early 1900’s brings to life the history of WHEN the quilt originated. It is our hope that we can find out more about the women who started the quilt, the varying dates (1903-1908) signatures, names, and locations as well as the occasion behind the quilt. We know that life gets busy and hope that this leads us all to better document our work, as well as FINISH what we start

~ thank you to Shirley for finding the squares ~ finishing THE QUILT & sharing it with us!


~ a glimpse into the Lifestyle & Time of those who created the quilt, 
the world as it was THEN....

~ 1903 ~ 
Theodore Roosevelt (born October 27, 1858 in New York, New York; died January 6, 1919 in Oyster Bay, New York) succeeded William McKinley as the twenty-sixth President of the United States, serving between September 14, 1901 and March 4, 1909.

Kansas City, Missouri/Kansas: BIG NEWS
July 24 ~ Railroads ~ Tornado blows down the old Blair Line roundhouse at North Clinton Yard, damaging the 4 locomotives inside, and temporally trapping 3 of them under the debris. The old 6-stall wooden roundhouse was then replaced by a 3-stall brick house. 

~ Circa 1903 ~  OTHER Fun Facts:
James-Younger GANG ~ the Outlaws ~ robbers of banks, trains, and stagecoaches. They were former Confederate guerrillas. They were cold-blooded killers. However, they also managed to become hero's, or Robin Hoods, to many, many people.  Cole Younger is released from a Minnesota prison and lives out the rest of his life in Lee's Summit ~

  • Feb. 16, 1903---Cole arrives on a train at Kansas City, Missouri, where he meets his niece and nephew, Harry and Nora Younger Hall. The trio takes another train to Lee's Summit that same day. Cole is finally home, for the first time in nearly twenty-seven years. He will spend the next few months meeting up with old friends and relatives.Cole telephones Frank James at a Kansas City Buckskin Bill Wild West Show, owned by H. E. Allott. Cole will end up serving as the show's manager, with Allott as assistant manager, and Frank as arena manager. The show's name is changed to 'The Great Cole Younger and Frank James Historical Wild West Show.' Early 1904---Cole and Frank return to their families in Missouri.
  • Henry Ford founds Ford Motor Co.
  • Orville and Wilbur Wright take the first test flight in their plane at Kitty Hawk, NC
  • The first World Series is held, Boston vs. Pittsburgh
  • Carrie Nation officially changed her name to “Carry,” saying it meant "“Carry A Nation for Prohibition.” When her autobiography was published, she made enough money to buy a house in Kansas City, Kansas, to shelter the wives and mothers of drunkards. 
  • Samuel Clements ~   Last visit to Hannibal, May 29, 1902 to June. Handed out graduation diplomas to Hannibal High School graduating class. On to Columbia, Missouri, to receive honorary Doctorate Degree from University of Missouri. Helped dedicate Eugene Field House in St. Louis (Tom Sawyer published in 1876) Samuel L. Clemens aka: Mark Twain, was born when Halley's Comet was in the skies. He died during the comet's return 74 years later. In between, Clemens traveled the world and had many experiences as he passed from typesetter to river pilot, prospector, newspaper reporter, lecturer, author, publisher, businessman and family man.

~ TOP LITERATURE & SONGS ~ and so on ...
1901 The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Banm
1902  "Mr. Dooley" by Jean Schwartz 
1902  "In the Good Old Summertime" by George Evans
1903  The Call Of the Wild  by Jack London  
1903  "The Burning of Rome" by E.T. Paull ...

  • The first comic book is invented
  • George M. Cohan, the creator of many patriotic songs and musicals creates his first musical, Little Johnny Jones
  • The first Yellow Pages  invented
  • The Jukebox is invented with 24 songs.
  • Top songs "What You Goin’ To Do When the Rent Comes ‘Round By Harry Von Tilzer; "In My Merry Oldsmobile" by Gus Edwards, "Shade Of the Old Apple Tree" by Egbert Van Alstyne      
  • 2,500 people die from an earthquake in San Francisco
  • An animated cartoon is created
  • Teddy Roosevelt becomes the first president to leave the country
  • Henry Ford makes his first Model T for $850
~ Walt Disney ~
December 5, 1901 ~ Walter Elias Disney is born, Missouri  
~ 1910 the Disney Family moves to Kansas City.
June 8, 1917
  ~ Walt graduates from Benton High School. the family moves to KC.